Java is our ecosystem of choice for building complex backend applications. It's reliable, enterprise-grade, standardized and has the largest ecosystem. Any system we architect & develop starts with a robust, clean REST API, allowing easy integration with applications written in other languages and platforms.
We are strong proponents of open source technologies and both utilize and contribute to open source whenever possible. We use the latest Java technologies developed under leading open source foundations such as Apache, Eclipse and Mozilla. Having said that, we are equally proficient in delivering enterprise Java solutions for Oracle and IBM Java platforms.

BigData & NoSQL

Petabytes, Exabytes and Zettabytes are real. Estimates point to 2.7 Zettabytes of data in the current digital universe. Fueled by enterprises, governments, individuals, devices and sensors, this number is projected to grow exponentially over the next years, producing 35 Zettabytes of data annually by 2020 (IDC).
We can help you design and develop systems which deal with large quantities of data quickly and efficiently. Achieve thousands reads/writes per second, sharding, replication, failure resilience, BigData analytics and more.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in the way software is developed, operated, sold and consumed. It has many names and facets. Are you looking for a private, public or hybrid cloud? SaaS, Paas or IaaS model? Amazon or Rackspace?
By analyzing the technical, business and compliance requirements of your applications and services, we can derive the optimal Cloud strategy for your organization. We can also help migrating existing applications and develop new applications to take advantage of cloud technologies.


Integration with client devices - Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, TVs using proprietary and standard protocols and APIs.
Integration with 3rd party backend systems using proprietary and standard protocols and APIs.
Integration with Web APIs - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon and more. If it has any type of an API, we can help you integrate with it.
Strong emphasis on standardization, security and regulatory compliance.

Sample Use Cases

Sample applications and usecases include large-scale multi-user systems, realtime data streams, catalog/content management systems, user/session management, massive multi-user interaction (chats/games), structured/semi/non-structured data, archiving, realtime/offline analytics and reporting, complex event processing (CEP) and more.

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